On August 16, Dr. Michael Corey and Dr. Emily Lagergren from Vascular Surgical Associates partnered with Wellstar Health System for the first thoracic branch endograft procedure in Georgia and the third in the nation. The innovative procedure is an example of the practice’s mission to provide leading-edge treatment.

The procedure began with a vascular surgeon inserting a stent graft through the artery in the patient’s groin and guiding it into the aortic arch in the chest using an X-ray. The stent-graft device, offered by WL GORE Medical, is used to repair tears and aneurysms in the aorta using a minimally invasive approach. The branched GORE TAG device is the first and only FDA-approved implantable thoracic branched endoprosthesis offering a fully endovascular, or catheter-based, treatment option for patients with aortic diseases.

The device allows the surgeon to maintain vital blood flow to the brain and arms of the patient throughout the procedure. Patients undergoing the branched GORE TAG stent graft are often discharged from the hospital the day following the operation. The first of its kind, the thoracic branch endograft offers a minimally invasive approach to aortic problems. It represents a new and better way of treating diseases of the aorta.

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