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Your Atlanta Prosthetic Specialists

Our Prosthetic and Medical Team at VSA work together to meticulously care for those in need of, and those who have experienced amputation. That is why we provide a unique, outcome-based Physician-led Total Prosthetic Care Plan that includes, when possible, consultations and education from the Medical Staff and Prosthetist prior to surgery, peer visits with another amputee who has succeeded in the prosthetic journey, specialized and individualized surgical techniques aimed at giving you the highest possible outcome, and together determining a plan of treatment with the patient’s and family’s goals and needs in mind.

We believe in continued care, with access to local support through our Amputee Care Group, follow-up appointments to help you stay on your rehabilitation journey with the highest level of medical care, prosthetic expertise, cutting-edge technology, and an on-going walking program throughout each year.

Get Up & Go!

Prosthetic patient in the VSA Prosthetics office, being treated by Dr. Chen.

Our Story

VSA Prosthetics was established in 2016 for the sole purpose of improving the lives of those suffering from limb loss and ensuring the highest level of care. Our team of 13 vascular surgeons are committed to learning and implementing the latest and most advanced surgical techniques to maximize prosthetic outcomes.

By putting our patients first, we believe that by uniting our efforts directly alongside our experienced Prosthetist, cases can be discussed in advance in order to determine the best surgery and prosthetic design to carry out with the individual’s goals in mind. We know first-hand the significant impact this has on improving the patient’s ability to not just walk again, but to live his or her life to the highest quality of life. We are confident in this unique approach to prosthetic care and aim to revolutionize amputee care as a whole.

Person with Amputee holding their dog in their home.

The VSA Difference:
Unparalleled Care

Our Complete Care Process unites our Vascular Surgeons trained in advanced amputation techniques with our experienced Prosthetists to thoughtfully and carefully customize your care.

Our team watches over your healing process and equips you for future prosthetic success. Together, we then design the future prosthetic limb(s) that will allow you to reach all of the goals that you hope to achieve.

Continued and follow-up care includes direct access to on-site vascular surgeons, along with regular Amputee Care Group meetings that will provide ongoing support to our patients and their loved ones with education, knowledge, and emotional support.