Wound Department

With over 30 years in wound care, we’re confident that we can help if you’re suffering from a wound of any cause. Our vascular surgeons have specialized expertise to ensure you receive the right, individualized wound care you deserve.

While in general cleaning and dressing a wound (sometimes with stitches) will allow a wound to heal on its own, there are times when a chronic wound requires more care. We may recommend:

  • Compression therapy such as stockings or bandages to offset pressure on the veins
  • Wound debridement or minor surgery that is meant to remove any non-living tissue surrounding the wound
  • Hydrogel or hydrocolloid dressings to help ulcers heal
  • Hyperbaric oxygen therapy to stimulate oxygen concentration and improve blood supply to the wound
  • Vacuum-assisted closure so that the wound is exposed to continuous suction to promote healing
  • Skin grafts in instances where a wound is so large it is unable to close on its own

Other treatment options including topical antibiotics and alternate wound dressings may also be considered based on the type, severity and location of your wound. If more invasive intervention is needed, we possess an array of surgical techniques to promote healing, allowing us to take care of you comprehensively.

At Vascular Surgical Associates, our team is here to listen to your questions and address any concerns you may have with empathy. Our Wound and Ostomy Certified Registered Nurse and Vascular Surgeon with a focus on wounds will ensure you receive the most appropriate care. Our professionals are not only experts in wounds, but veins, arteries, blood and lymphatic circulation.

Any of our VSA providers are able to see you to do an initial evaluation for your wound care needs at all of our 9 office locations. Our dedicated wound providers with their wound support team see patients 5 days a week out of our Austell, Marietta, Canton, Woodstock and Hiram offices. They are ready to accommodate same day visits as well, if needed. We look forward to taking care of your wound needs!

To schedule an appointment, call (770) 423-0595, or connect with us online.

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