Everyone is aware that a sedentary lifestyle causes all sorts of health problems which can ultimately lead to a shorter life. Failing to get the recommended amount of standing time per day (between 2 to 4 hours) can also adversely affect the health of your veins. But for those who commute to work and spend most of their time sitting at a desk, finding the time to stand and move around while at the office can feel like a real challenge. Luckily, we have some creative solutions to help you sneak in more standing time while at work without affecting your productivity.

Easy Ways You Can Stand More

Stand During Phone Calls

If your job requires you to take lots of phone calls, you have plenty of opportunities to get some standing time in. This works especially well for conference calls when not every moment concerns you. And if you can take a leisurely stroll around the room or office, even better.

Stand When Co-Workers Come to Talk to You

Whether you have a cubical, your own office, or share a workspace, standing up when a colleague comes to talk to you is a great way to work in some standing time. You can even try to make this a regular practice for your entire office since it benefits everyone. It may feel awkward at first but think about it. The person who came to talk to you is already standing. So instead of offering them a seat, stand to greet them and carry on with your business from there.

Don’t Use a Large Water Bottle at Work

We should all be drinking plenty of water throughout the day, but it’s better to drink from a small glass rather than a large water bottle. Doing so forces you to stand up to refill your glass more frequently than you otherwise would.

Use the Stairs Whenever Possible

If your office is located a few floors up, use the stairs to make the trip. And if your job requires you to visit several other floors throughout the day, again, the stairs are your best friend.

Stand During Presentations & Team Meetings

When it’s appropriate, try to stand as much as possible during team meetings and presentations. You still want to be respectful of the person who’s presenting, so only do it when you know it won’t cause a disruption.

Stand During Your Commute

If you take the train or bus to work, always elect to stand whenever possible. And if you live close enough, consider biking to work when the weather permits.

Use a Height-Adjustable Desk

Many businesses have already outfitted their workspaces with height-adjustable desks. But if yours hasn’t yet, or if you work from home, consider purchasing one yourself. Using one of these will offer you more than enough opportunity to stand during the workday.

Stand While Eating Breakfast and Lunch

Fitting in a half hour of standing time at the beginning and middle of your day can go a long way towards helping you reach your daily standing goal. We can all benefit from being a little more health conscious, and spending more time standing during the workday is a simple way to achieve that. For more information about how to maintain good vein health, check out our News & Events page where we make regular posts and announcements.