My name is Eric Herbert. I started this journey in October of 2019. After making the decision to have my left leg amputated, I wondered where my life would go from there. While recovering from surgery, I was visited by two current amputees (Chad & Jonathan), who gave me the inspiration I needed to believe that I could overcome this. Then I met Eric Chen, who reassured me that with dedication, determination, and discipline, that I could resume a new “normal life.” The staff at VSA Prosthetics were not only great at fitting me with a prosthetic leg, their upbeat demeanor and infectious attitude helped make the transition smooth and easy. My biggest concern was, “What would be my new normal?” Again, the staff at VSA showed me that normal was what I deemed it would be. I dance like no one is watching, I can walk as if I don’t have a prosthetic. And I got my swag back. Thanks VSA for all you do!