Whether you’re hanging out at the neighborhood pool or booking a beach trip to the Bahamas, summer isn’t the time of the year that you want to start dealing with unsightly varicose veins.

So now, while you’re still wearing long pants and skirts, is the best time of the year to get started reducing the damage varicose veins have done to your legs.

Schedule a Vein Screening

By scheduling a screening now, we can determine the extent to which you have vascular issues. We can also begin to create a customized treatment plan to deal with those issues.

Vein Treatment Strategies

Each patient’s needs are unique, and their individual situation is different. Spider veins vary slightly from varicose veins. The extent of the damage differs from one patient to another, and not all treatments are guaranteed to work in exactly the same way on each treatment.

Depending on the severity of varicose or spider veins, some treatment strategies may take multiple visits to the specialist before the patient begins to see visible signs of relief.

But generally speaking, depending on the severity of the patient’s individual case and the treatment necessary, patients may need several weeks before they begin to see the cosmetic benefits of varicose and spider veins fading.

Whether you are experiencing pain or just want to make sure that your legs are rocking when you’re hanging out by the pool, you would be well advised to make an appointment now for an initial screening.

Love the Look and Feel of Your Legs!

Once the screening is complete, a doctor can work with you to find the treatment that will have the greatest impact on your specific condition and give you a better idea of how many treatments will be necessary for you to be able to begin to see improvement in both the way your legs look and in the way your legs feel.