Chad’s journey began in May 2017 when they discovered blood clots in his legs.  Through a long and arduous battle with infections, multiple surgeries and revisions, he was still able to work from home and in October 2017 was able to return working at his office part-time with the help of adaptive Hand Controls in his vehicle. He had his final revision surgery on his right below-knee amputation that December, and when he finally healed up, he was fitted and walked for the first time using his prosthesis in January 2018.  He was able to complete a rigorous outpatient rehabilitation program, and he’s back to work full-time.  Chad is an outstanding example of success and what can happen through daily efforts of working hard and never giving up.

Through his personal experiences, Chad quickly recognized the need of having a person, an example, who has “been through it” who could be made available to help answer questions and guide others through this difficult process.  He believed in it so much that in June 2018 he joined the VSA Prosthetics team as a Peer Advisor / Advocate, assists with the fabrication of prosthetic limbs, and participates in the Amputee Care Group meetings throughout the year.

Chad has worked in the sheet metal industry for over 35 years.  He’s married with two children and two grandchildren.  He remains very active in his grandkids’ lives, enjoys swimming in his pool, playing golf, going to the beach, and going on cruises.