• Does Cold Weather Affect Vein Health?

    Woman with veins on legs

    If you have varicose veins or other circulation issues, you may have guessed that temperature changes can impact your vein health. For example, while summertime heat and humidity won’t cause varicose veins, you may experience increased discomfort, throbbing, and heaviness on hot days if you have them. That’s because our veins increase in size during the warmer weather in a phenomenon known as venodilation, which helps to regulate blood flow and keep the body cool. 

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  • What to Expect at an Arterial Duplex Exam

    An arterial duplex exam

    An arterial duplex exam is a type of ultrasound imaging used to see how blood moves through your veins and arteries. Like other types of ultrasound imaging, an arterial duplex ultrasound uses sound waves that bounce off the body’s internal structures or moving parts, such as blood, to create pictures.

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