• Traveling with Varicose Veins? Tips From Our Experts

    Multi ethnic people going on a business trip

    Staying seated for long periods of time while traveling can be uncomfortable for everyone, but if you have varicose veins, it could also involve some big health risks. 

    “In general, having varicose veins is associated with an increased risk of a potentially serious type of blood clot known as deep venous thrombosis (DVT),” explains Vascular Surgical Associates physician Dr. Jeffery Winter. But the long periods of immobility required for traveling can increase your risk of DVT even more. “This means,” he concludes, “that people with varicose veins who travel must take extra precautions to lower their risk.” 

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  • High Blood Pressure and Vein Health

    Doctor measuring woman's blood pressure

    Having high blood pressure can increase your risk for serious health issues, including heart disease, heart attack, and stroke. Also known as hypertension, this condition affects your vein health, too. To avoid these serious conditions, here’s more about how high blood pressure can affect your vascular system.

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